Borderlands 2 save editor r142

borderlands 2 save editor r142

Jack has also blotted out much of the light on the planet by having a giant orbiting H-shaped base set in front of Pandora's stationary moon.
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Gibb's Borderlands 2 Save Editor R142 - m/u/37938765/BL2, save Editor, pS3 Bruteforce editor Save Data Program - yOU need winrar: skype: adammorrison000.
R :36:44 -0800 (Thu, 10 Jan.Corrected issues where some items didnt display borderlands their correct name (such as Hoplite).Set five years after the events of Borderlands, Handsome Jack, the game's main antagonist, has taken over borderlands the Hyperion corporation, has declared himself Dictator of Pandora, and stolen all of the credit for finding the Vault, going save so far to claim responsibility for killing the.Just a re-upload of a neat little utility for those who want a more recent version save of what's already save on the site editor without needing to hunt it down.R :27:01 -0700 (Tue, ).The new team in Borderlands 2 is tasked with killing Jack and returning peace to Pandora.R :30:04 -0500 (Wed, 05 Dec).In this tutorial I will be showing you what you need and how to mod your game save for borderlands. Change LOG r :18:12 -0500 (Wed, ) remover 1 line Dropped "Borderlands 2" prefix on all of the open/save file dialog filter player list.
This version is from 08:21:35 -0500 (Sat, bseb ).
R :16:22 -0800 (Fri, ) 1 line Added revision display text to the SaveEdit window title.
Blood of Terramorphous - Health Regen/second.5 bseb - and if someone has a save with subject walking all these items in this topic would it be possible if you could share the save?
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