Extra english episode 28

I bought shampoo for my sister.
Annie On Christmas english Eve, you extra hang up your Christmas stocking and a episode big, jolly Father Christmas comes and fills it up with presents!
Annie Isnt it a bit early?Annie I know, if Bridget cant go to her english parties, lets have a party here!Bridget, i know, its so difficult being so popular.Annie Shall we just have pudding?What to Wear at extra Christmas Parties.Look at the Christmas tree!Annie Bridget, nothing english will stop my love for Hector.Whoo, ha-ha, it smells like a gorilla.Lingualeo will put episode together a program that takes into account your test results, goals, and interests. Assorted noises/shouting hector Move!
Annie Hey, Ive got an stars idea!
Hector Mince meat game from the best butcher.
My job is important!
Annie, drift its an English tradition.You knock on peoples doors and sing to them for money.Nick Ah, one Christmas candle, one small child woomph!Hector A map of Watford.Spraying noise eunice mountain Oh, I game shouldnt.Lingualeo is available on your computer or smartphone (iOS, Android).It was meant for Charley!How was your last day as Santa Claus?Hector, but I am not under any mistletoe.Annie need Merry stars Christmas, chanel snugly-puppykins.Annie And your job as Santa Claus is so important.Bridget Joyful and triumph annie Composing email I also organized a surprise party for Bridget, she was surprised!