Film rooftop prince episode 19

I mean who believes in time travel?
Mom says that shes atoned for her rooftop sins by film saving Park-has life, rooftop and assures her shell be fine.At last we get back to episode the 3 cuties!Tae-mu peels out and picks up Se-na, both of them reeling from this unexpected turn of events.Both of Se-nas mothers see her off, telling her that theyre on her side and will accept her with rooftop open arms, no matter what she did.She grumps that they should be busy with wedding preparations, and he amends, There is one thing that has changedyou.If thats rooftop what you want, then Ill do it!Tae-mu slams into her instead, sending her shooting film into the air and splashing into the lake.He intends to leave as soon as he can find an exit route.Se-na fidgets nervously as Tae-mu drives, hiding her cell phone in her purse. The villains arrive, and Tae-mu points out their getaway boat.
Tae-yong escapes all this emotional turmoil (granted, he IS a vegetable while Yi Gak has to live out the grief twice?
But the ending of this episode was soo sad.
Bittersweet 3, this episode was so beautiful!
Not being able 2 equate my emotions w/ those that prince the characters r portraying would make this drama hard 2 watch, b/c I would think it was silly.
Its a surprisingly moving episode, one that I didnt expect given the dumbness of last week.Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip.Tae-mu takes the documents and tells Yi Gak that Se-na will be at the hospital at the appointed hour.The boys hand over film their huge stacks of cash to Yi Gak, who in turn uses it to buy a store.When we get to focus on relationships that matter to us, the result can be unexpectedly poignant.In the hospital, the sisters are wheeled in together on side-by-side gurneys, and for once Se-na looks at Park-ha with fondness, taking her hand.That gives Yi Gak the destination (China) and time of departure (7 pm and he immediately starts heading for the harbor.Chi-san pulls in some cash through street-performing.Its then that he gets a call from Tae-mu, who uses Se-na as his bargaining chip: If they want that life-saving transplant surgery, then Yi Gak is to hand over the inheritance and disappear.I would have liked to see a little more of them in the end, because their characters were too good.Taking Park-has hand in hers, she tells her to be healthy.