Game robot battle tactics

game robot battle tactics

Players will battle feel immersed in the battle game thanks to the incredible battle mode and robot tactics its strategy mechanics.
You create and then personalize your own personal tactics robot, and then head into the battle, leading a team of mercenaries to try to return some good and order to the universe.
Its a perfect combination of RPG action, game a brave story, mecha designs, item collection and social interaction with unique turn-based strategy battles.Exquisite graphics and designs, enjoy the many character designs, explore their personalities and hear renowned voice-over artists make the story more realistic!An intricate storyline mixed with a battle strategy gameplay for an game exclusive gaming experience.Play through an immersive and engaging robot storyline mode, and learn the history of Sunset Land, as well as developing a grasp of the gameplay.This robot will impact huge amounts of gameplay, so design wisely. Face The Enemy, engage in turn-based PvP and cake larger GvG battles!
The war rages on still today, stealing countless of lives and destroying the xiii world as we know.
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Complete military generator tasks for bonuses and earn materials to become stronger.
Feature, new Evolve Level, windvd evolve system can now be upgrades.6!
You are one of those mercenaries.
Can you end the war?This war still rages to this day, and the Vera Mercenary Group fights to end this destructive conflict.A hundred years ago, a war between the technologically advanced United States of Honir and the magic-using nation of Paz Kings Union rocked Sunset Land to its core.A hundred years ago, on Sunset Land, a war rose between the high-technology country of the United States of Honir and the magic country Paz Kings Union.New Shard System, collect shards and synthesize mecha robot for free, it is now easier than ever!Build Your Team, you collect and command a team of heroes who wield both magical and mechanical powers.Related: Android, CCG, iOS, Mobile, Turn-Based, unfortunately, there are no articles for this game.Robot Tactics merges different styles battle like an RPG storyline, robot battles, card collecting, and social interaction, with unique turn-based strategic truth battles.This card based teams construction and use is key to victory!In Robot Tactics, players will become a part of the Vera Association and complete missions in the quest for peace.Real-time multiplayer nation war, fights against players worldwide in the PVP and PVG mode!A group of renowned mercenaries banded together and created the Vera Association in order to restore the balance.Design A Robot, you build a personal robot and upgrade it with near limitless options.Robot Tactics is a jrpg that combines turn-based battles and card game king elements.

The highly customizable robot system is just one game robot battle tactics of its many exclusive features.
Along the way, you can play through an RPG storyline and learn the game and the history of this world, fight in PvP and GvG battles, and much much more.