Kotor 1 tsl patcher

Author: Kainzorus Prime, mod Name: KotOR NPC Overhaul Mod, under NO circumstances is this, or any of my other, mod(s) to be posted on ANY site other than by myself.
Co-Released with Maverick187 The Prestiege Class patcher Robe Saber Pack, Version.
These Exile kotor Uniforms use the K1 robe/tunic model that came with TSL, and are available for both Male and Female PC's, to remove the gloves and make them strictly for the PC I kotor had to do an appearance.2da edit, but I provided an appearance.2da that.
Download: Exile's Item Pack Booster kotor (Robe Pack) This is simply patcher an update/booster robe and texture pack to the Exile's Robes you get in the Exile's Item Pack I did.Download Option 1: RedHawke's TSL Armor Pack (Hosting Courtesy kotor Of ChAiNz.2da) Download Option 2: RedHawke's TSL Armor Pack m) This is simply a conversion of my 5 kotormors to TSL, they are available normally in the game, see the Readme for more patcher information, and can.Installation: Run the patcher and let it do its magic.See the Readme file for more information.All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.Big credits and kudos to stoffe -mkb.My Mods At m This is RedHawke's Actual Lightsaber kotor Go Back To The Main Page!Released Prestiege Class Kreia Mod, Version.Updated Workbench Makes Robes Mod, Version.1 Mira Bug Fix Released Exile's Item Pack, Version.0. Released PC Beginning Items Mod, Version.
With the game Jedi kotor Order in ruin, the Republics only hope is a lone Jedi struggling to reconnect with kotor the Force.
Installer Program, and live fixes a Script Game Freeze.
A new datapad is included explaining these items as well.
Choose from three different classes of Jedi, each with access to specific Jedi abilities.
Download Option 2: Prestiege Class Robe Saber Pack @ patcher m Like our Lightsaber Pack for kotor I, Maverick187 and I put together a little package for TSL.
The Lightsaber Upgrades and a bonus robe are buildable at the WorkBench after a certain point in the game.
Re-made the mod with TSL Patcher for complete compatability.Download: Exile's Item Pack These are a package of custom items I created strictly for the Exile (PC).Released Kamino Eugenics Chamber TSL, Version.After all Real Jedi and Sith know how to sew!Except stoffe -mkb-'s Ebon Hawk Tweak Mod, but you can just patcher overwrite the files from this mod and you won't lose anything from that mod.I always was disgruntled that you could make advanced armor components with the Workbench, but you couldn't sew a darn robe?Be careful, once you choose to take the items there deutsch is no going back.I have also placed a link to the 7Zip programs site right below so you all can download.This patch is only needed if you are using Svösh's fixed collars mod.Released Prestiege Class Bonus Mod, Version.And I didn't want to edit a thousand dialog files to do so, this was the easiest solution.This mod uses Stoffe -mkb-'s Installer Program so there should not be any mod conflicts.