Precious stones bukkit plugin

They can be used as building material.e.
I made the following changes and it appears to plugin have resolved the issue on my server.So for example the Town may have streets stones and town owned areas that will follow the rules of the Town field.Wiki, development builds bukkit of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server.Use them at your own risk.Cuboid Fields, cuboid fields are the next generation of fields.Review of PreciousStones that goes through all the default stones.One limitation is that you cannot use the zero data 18:0 along with the rest.But I placed my PreciousStone!" or "Oh, bukkit I changed my name, and all my PreciousStone fields are under my old name!".It's basically the same functionality as the worldedit commands, but this will not let you duplicate items, and can be handed out to your players in a controlled way.Demonstration of various field types (using custom build stones).Data of zero 18:0 is treated the same as using the block number without anything (18 which is the same as saying "use all data values for this block as a field".Installation: Just drop MyPreciousStone.This precious is in place, stones obviously, so you can't encroach on someone stones elses land.Dynmap-PreciousStones This plugin, created by dandielo, shows you the areas of fields in dynmap.The amount of time it will take to grow the whole forest can be set with the grow-time flag. Traditional methods of cuboid definition require you to dig down into some imagined corner to select the fone bottom corner block, or pile up outlook blocks to select the top corner block.
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While the allow and remove command only work for the fields you are either pointing at or standing.
Right clicking on a block in the ground with one of the tool-items will tell you if the block is protected or not.
Updated, paint total Downloads 814, license, all Rights Rese.And to finish and close the cuboid, sneak-left-click again anywhere, or simply tool click on the field block.myps tp index : Teleports you to the ps stone indicated by its index number.Break the field and take it to its destination, place it down, name it the same name you named it before and right click on it to revert everything it had recorded onto the new location.The outlook field's radius extends from the cube itself outwards.What fields can mix with what fields can be configured by putting your fields into "mixing groups" with the mixing-group flag, fields in the same groups will be able to mix with each other.Fields vs portable Cuboids Cuboid fields are saved on a separate database table (pstone_cuboids) than fields (pstone_fields).You then use the ps translocation unlink" command to unlink the blocks from the translocator (so that when you break it the blocks stay where they are) workaround Naming You can have many translocation projects saved with the same block.(Note: PS purges all player data belonging to players inactive more than 20 days on the server, this includes saved translocations) Alternate uses The translocator can also be used as a toggle for blocks.Good for plots and such that need to be placed next to fields owned by others without causing conflicts.Land Claiming Mode You can prevent anyone from being able to place or destroy any blocks in your world by turning on the "prevent-place-everywhere" and "prevent-destroy-everywhere" configs in the settings.Also for added protection once a plot has been placed inside a parent field, the parent field will not be able to be removed or redrawn until all the fields inside of it are removed.(Sharing only works for fields with the shareable flag) Buying - The Buy tag changes the owner of the block to a new owner.