Servers cs 1.6 zombie escape 2012

Mod: Zombie Escape, platform: PC, map: ze_isla_nublar_v2_1, map Size: 90MB.
Server Name: gflclan zombie escape NARankssdfastDL.
I do not play this game illegally as a free download version of Counter-Strike: Source.Loquendo Zombie Escape Counter Strike.6.I do not own any in-game features, sounds, skins etc.Loquendo Zombie Escape Counter Strike (parte 4).The game is available on escape the zombie Steam Store and escape requires a Steam Account and an internet connection to play online on the secure servers.My copy was bought as a retail copy that came with HL2 and Day Of Defeat in 2004 and then 2007 on a new account and was activated through Steam.Difficulty: Stage zombie 5, boss: Balrog and Dragon, servers host: gflclan.IP: :27015 mi skype?Steam/youtube contact details, steam Account Name: The_Destroyer_revenge431, zombie steam In-Game Name: Silas.Platform: PC, map: ze_tyranny_v3, map Size: 175MB, map Creators: Moray.Sleeves/Gloves: escape m/skins/92941, knife: m/skins/119080, hegrenade: m/skins/118044, tMP: m/skins/82077 Fiveseven: m/skins/131070 software used Recording Software Used: Fraps Rendered Software Used: Windows Movie Maker and Handbrake HOW TO join IN To play Zombie Escape all you need to do is load Counter-Strike: Source, click on the internet. Date Recorded: 02nd March 2014 UK and 02nd March 2014 US EST.
I do not own any in-game features, ipad sounds, player models, community related content etc.
The game Counter-Strike: Source is community ran and I have no season control what is included in the maps, the mods, the servers or the way people act in-game.
Recorded with the software Shadowplay at 1440P 60fps.
We got this sporty honey.
The game Counter-Strike: Source is community ran on its custom modded servers and I have absolutely no control over what is included in the maps, the mods, the servers or the way the players choose to behave in-game.
The Counter-Strike games belong to and are owned by Valve, all I claim credit for is the actual map recording.
You do not need to download the ze/zm mod separately.I do not take any credit for the game, the music or the map that has been recorded.Jim oh my head.Get on the rock next the rock.Map and server information, game: Counter-Strike: Source, mod: Zombie Escape.Loquendo office Zombie Escape episode Counter Strike (parte 2).high (Automatically makes the game an high priority) -novid (Loads the game without the video) -nojoy (Removes the joystick support) mat_queue_mode 2 user (default -1 automatic detection 2 Force uses multi-threaded mode) cl_forcepreload 1 (Preloads maps) fps_max 300 (0 Unlimited) rest capped cl_showfps 1 (0-4?) Displays.Slots Used while recording: 57 players.Recording Information, season date and time recorded: Monday 01st August 2016 at 10:02 US EDT Night.Resolution: 1920x1080, video Quality: 1080P HD, aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen.