Sql server 2005 express edition sp4 fails

I was using the installer that already had SP4 applied so maybe that explains the difference.
This issue occurs when you upgrade express Windows XP express SP2 edition to Windows XP SP3 and then apply server SQL Server 2005 SP3.
Dll from C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Servermssql.1mssqlbinn.
[email protected] 03:02:48.375 Watson: Param6 Unknown 03:02:48.439 Watson: Param7 SQL9Express 03:02:48.750 Watson: Param8 @ 03:02:48.790 Watson: Param9 x86 03:02:48.817 Watson: Param :02:48.868 Installed product: server SQL9Express 03:02:48.924 Installing product: SQL9Express 03:02:48.970 Installing instance: sqlexpress 03:02:49.039 Installing target: bills-hplaptop 03:02:49.084 Installing file: [email protected] 03:03:30.204 Watson: Param6 Unknown 03:03:30.238 Watson: Param7 SQL9Express 03:03:30.268 Watson: Param8 @ 03:03:30.301 Watson: Param9 x86 03:03:30.335 Watson: Param :03:30.368 Installed product: SQL9Express 03:03:30.401 Hotfix package completed 03:03:30.438 Attempting to continue the 32 bit ngen queue Which looks like there's a registry key missing.Nope, that adds: 10:26:54.215 Registry: Read registry key value "Debug dword value 0 10:26:54.237 Registry: Set registry key value "Debug dword value 0 10:27:56.492 EXE returned 1603: A fatal error occurred during installation.EXE 03:01:47.018 Copy express Engine: Creating MSI fails install log file at: C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft SQL Server90Setup 03:01:47.084 Registry: Opened registry key 03:01:47.117 Registry: Cannot read registry key value "Debug error 0 03:02:42.731 EXE returned 1603: A fatal error occurred during installation.From the fix list: When SQL Server 2005 SP3 is applied on a machine that has a later version of msxml6 installed, the service pack setup fails. Windows 7; Windows Server 2003; Windows Server 2008; Windows Server 2008 R2; Windows Vista; Windows.
Usually this occurs within about a month of the service pack, but given the holidays, at this point I would expect it mid-February.
Log file are: edition 03:01:35.873 03:01:35.963 Hotfix package launched 03:01:36.005 Registry: Opened registry key 03:01:36.038 Registry: Read registry key value "CommonFilesDir string value C:Program Files (x86)Common Files 03:01:36.135 Registry: Opened registry key 03:01:36.194 Registry: Read registry key value "ProgramFilesDir string value C:Program Files (x86) 03:01:36.287 Local.
Stop SQL Service and restore orignal versions of sqlservr.
CU #10 (9.00.4305 ) : KB #983329.
I hope this helps anyone else looking to serial get a fully updated episode install of SQL Server 2005 x64 on this.
Return to setup, hit Retry and setup will now run to completion.My areas of expertise are: Windows Intue, SQL Server, SQL Server Connectivity/protocols, T, ssrs, ssis.Dll (or else SP4 doesn't think it is needed in the next step).If you are looking for the Express versions of SP4, you can get Express, Express with Tools, and Express with Advanced Services at the following URL (though they don't really do a great job of describing which file(s) may be most appropriate for you px?Technologies ( link /!-noindex- ) /!- Microsoft express SQL Server 2005 SP4 Data Mining Add-ins for Microsoft Office ( link /!-noindex- ).If you want the latest documentation, install the latest version of SQL Server 2005 Books Online.CU #3 (9.00.4220 server ) : KB #967909.(This "round fails number" build is becoming a favorite practice not just within the SQL Server team but across a lot of other Microsoft divisions as well.) Here is the result edition of "select @version on my local Express instances, just for fun (notice that even though.Should I insert a dword called Debug and set it to 0?I just told it to Ignore and it continued.Edit : I used mbsa Tool to analyze the required updates which confirms that the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition SP4 is missing.You will still need to wait one Cumulative Update (CU) cycle to restore all of the fixes from.There was no point in following the rest of Sohail's method since I already was using a SP4 version of sqlservr.Service Pack 4 CTP and you are relying on fixes in that build, you should hold off on SP4 until the first CU for SP4 is released. .