Stargate resistance latest patch

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How walk on with group: if you are group commander is best way to move in first,other will be following you or send all members to the diskreta gate, is it slower but functions it same.
(Sorry if something similar to this is already uploaded, I stargate searched and results came up with nothing.) It's easier than the other guy's version of something similar to this.
YES, january :13:47 an anonymous user, microsoft, internet Explorer.01, yES.
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Stargate: * The event horizon has modeller been adjusted to not draw over certain particle systems like the Goa'uld Shield or Staff Blasts.
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Bug Fixes: SGC Icons will now show up for the Conquest gametype upon login.Readme, i am not origin English - speaking, forgive me please for all mistakes in text _ _ _ _ _ _ / / / / _ / _ / _ / /.Check out the patch notes here:, newness: * Introducing gametype King of the Hill!Sqf" definition own address,1,2,3,4,5,6 gate address, 1 home chevron my adr" word gate title 0 setfog 0;skipTime (10 dayTime script loaded when player bridge to second gate.The unlockable animating Jaffa helmet now has audio to accompany the animation.Name, last Played, playtime, wordpress country, do you want to help decide what's next for Steam Hunters?Sqf earth 1; objective crater 2; vingo 3; bootes 4; centaurus 5; libra 6; serpens_caput 7; norma 8; scorpio 9; cra 10; scutium 11; sagittarius 12; aquila 13; mic 14; capricorn 15; pisces_austrinus 16; equuleus 17; wordpress aquarius 18; pegasus 19; sculptor 20; pisces 21; andromeda 22;.I just put my email because BxBx has no email I know.Enhanced environmental ambiance on Piramess.The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted.3) seventh chevron no will lock: called gate is already in connection to next (third) gate.SGR Patch Is out!Operation flashpoint star gate MOD, gold sTAR gate.0 beta models bxbx, honza_SG1 textures bxbx, honza_SG1 scripts bxbx mod star gate was tested only for SP on OFP v1,91 CZ, for problems while using with other version untroubled!