Trapcode particular 2.1 for cs4

Transform Your World (NEW) - particular The Transform World feature allows the entire workspace to be offset or rotated in trapcode 3D space without moving the After Effects camera for increased animation flexibility.
Among particular the effects provided by this plugin, it's worth mentioning particular the motion blur and the particle emitting particle effect, as well as the reflection that can be added to the rotating speck.
Trapcode Particular can make fire effects by selecting specific filters and animating physical movement.
Faster rendering in Version 2 - The new version can render hundreds of thousands of particles per second by taking trapcode advantage of multi-core processors.Who qualifies for academic discounts?With Trapcode Particular you get 3D camera integration, particular for a unique trapcode experience and complete immersion trapcode in the design, as well as truly realistic shading and physics controls.This feature is ideal for adding glints to rotating particles. Trapcode Particular also comes with a wide variety of settings built-in presets, like explosions, fireworks, flames, smoke and many more.
Full Floating-Point Support (NEW) - Improved bit-depth support now offers high-quality, 32 bit-per-channel rendering, allowing full-range output with HDR results.
Emit particles from lights, bounce particles off of 3D layers, or fly around default your creations in 3D space.
The new 3D renderer delivers full shading of particles, and yet the engine can be up to twice as capitan fast as previous versions.
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Physics Time Factor - Freeze time while moving the camera around in a scene, Matrix-style.Reflection Maps (NEW) - Textured Polygon particles can use a layer as a reflection map to add dynamic color changes to particles as they rotate.Send us capitan your academic verification.Presets for SD and HD excel (improved) - Version 2 offers 45 updated presets with support for SD and HD resolution.To sum things up, it's safe to say suite that with this particular.Streak It Up (NEW) - Streaklet particles resemble long-exposure light effects, as seen in Apple's iPod Nano Remastered commercials.Adobe After Effects plugin you can create intricate particle systems.

Many Views (NEW) - Orthographic rendering support allows you to view particles from After Effects' built-in camera views (Top, Right, Left, Bottom making it much easier to adjust particle motion in 3D space.
Actions are trapcode particular 2.1 for cs4 not rendered in After Effects in real time.
Choose from 4 customizable fluidic behaviors).